Urban Forms

Urban Forms


Urban Form is a physical relationship of fills (buildings) and voids (streets, plaza, park or open spaces) as they shape the urban experience.


A research was conducted under State Commission of Urbanization, Rajasthan to critically analyze transition of density pattern of Jaipur over a period of 10 years. Density analysis supported with master plan document, building bylaws and streetscapes provides consummate investigation of Jaipur city’s urban form.

We the architects, working in a developer oriented market, have seen Jaipur growing desperately in the last 20 years. Studying the urban form came as an intriguing subject.

Urban form of any city is governed by its Density, Land use, transport, infrastructure, Landscape and street layout. Restrained by Aravalli hills in the east, major growth direction of developments led in west towards Ajmer highway and in south towards Tonk. Concurrent observations & inferences of specific areas of Jaipur served the picture of unorganized development in many parts of the city.

From Analyzing spatial pattern of city through master plan, building laws & streetscape, several impacts were observed including a high density lack of decentralization of infrastructure, increased commute time and distance, self sustain ability missing, lack of organized breathing spaces, ascertaining requirement of growing retail in various areas, lack of city character plus visual contrast, insufficient pedestrian pathways, increased pressure on infrastructure.

Way forward:

Integration of visual contrast and character with overall development of retail areas to be planned as per requirement to cater to existing and future needs of people. Change in proposed land-use to another because of market or political reasons should be avoided. Density control regulations along with area/region specific FAR. Land speculation need to be controlled. Balance in actual housing and retail needs to provide for the same. Building bylaws should support master plan for sustainable development.


“Rather seeing changes as a calamity, let’s find opportunities for best possible future”