DUBAI I 2023

METABOLUXE: An Adaptive Architecture for a Sustainable Future As our world grapples with the pressing challenges of urbanization, environmental sustainability, and climatic variability, the “Metaboluxe” architectural concept emerges as a beacon of hope. This design proposal dives deep into the multi-faceted world of “Metaboluxe,” exploring its visual impact, core idea, user-centric approach, and real-world relevance in the face of climate change. With an emphasis on sustainability, technology integration, social impact, and a call to action for future development, “Metaboluxe” stands as a transformative vision of architecture.

It embodies an architectural aesthetic that integrates modernity with tradition. Its visual impact lies in the harmonious blend of dynamic, adaptable structures with the timeless elegance of local architectural styles. The result is a landscape that is both visually striking and culturally resonant.

At the heart of “Metaboluxe” is the transformative concept of architecture as a living entity. Buildings grow and adapt to evolving needs, mirroring the principles of Metabolism architecture. Simultaneously, they remain deeply connected to the local environment, embracing vernacular wisdom and sustainability.

The value of “Metaboluxe” is manifold. It offers adaptability, cultural preservation, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. It is a concept that is not only practical but enriching, as it bridges innovation and tradition.

The proposal places users at the center of the design process. Spaces are created to enhance the lives of those who inhabit them, evolving to meet their changing needs. This approach fosters a strong sense of ownership and connection to the built environment.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a foundational principle of “Metaboluxe.” Structures are designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize resource efficiency. The design is climate-resilient, adaptable to regions with extreme climate conditions.


Sangeeta Maithel, Suchendra AV, Saniya Khan, Venkatesh MSM, Ann Mathew, Sujit Jacob