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This is the group housing project with 600 modular compact apartment. The idea is to develop a compact and functional unit design for this community, the theory of modular compact apartment was generated which leads to more efficient apartment in terms of space and functionality.
Housed in a metal container, the marketing office at Yelahanka North Town stands solid, inviting the visitors towards it. A wooden deck connects the metal box with the outside, the wood rendering serenity and warmth to the rustic space. The raw feel of the place is completed with a gabion wall in the front, bearing the brand of the township. Like the facade, the interiors is kept minimalistic. The use of corrugated metal sheet, exposed ceiling supported by charcoal black metal girders, the building continues to showcase the rawness in the materiality throughout. The metal is painted grey to provide a neutral backdrop against the art display. The cabins inside the marketing office are enclosed in pine boards with glass punctures for windows giving an impression of a container within a container. The lights and the furniture in the space are kept minimal complementing the overall theme.

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