War Memorial




The ability to think freely and sleep without a sense of insecurity is the greatest gift India’s Armed Forces can give to its citizens. The of the project concept revolves around the idea that there is a great divide between the comfortable life of citizens earned due to the sacrifices made by the armed forces. Landscape depicts a lush green side with a stark contrast to brown rough terrain. In between the two is the ‘great divide’ -the memorial wall befit for the soldier’s loyalty, honor and integrity.
Trees on site are almost 60-80 year old as such they are the capitals living heritage. Our proposal gives due respect to life and therefore retains all trees at their existing positions (No tree shall be cut).
Keeping the symmetry of the hexagon lawn 1 is chosen for the national war memorial site. Big chunks of empty land in the heart of the city are very hard to come by & therefore our proposal keeps lawn 2&3 free for needs that may arise in the future.

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