Tshe Valley




Located at Rajgarh, amidst the Himalayan peach valley range and with-in three hours of picturesque Himalayan drive from Chandigarh. Tshe Valley is an avant-garde Integrated 5 Star Hospitality Complex having an International Hotel, a wellness & healing center combined with exciting recreation for all ages. Proposed design on site area of 35750.00 sq.mt with contour variation from 1847.0 MT to 1712.36 MT giving design a challenge of natural level difference. Well-designed cottage with sloped roof luxury studios & private suites placed as per different natural contours at site, gives complete view of Himalayan ranges making each cottage important.An exclusive number of private Villas and Cottages have been designed to ensure unparalleled quality of life, creating a definitive expression for holistic living.Tshe amalgamates acclaimed global remedies i.e. the restorative powers of Ayurveda & Yoga, the therapeutic magic of Scandinavian healing and the oriental rejuvenation practices. Tshe means Life and well-designed cottages proves it.

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