Trivani Water Institute

The  form and footprint  is derived with the aim to build the project with minimum site disturbances. To this end the measures adopted were by having
minimal site footprint with compact space planning. The training centre and discovery centre are placed on one floor to take advantage of diversity of usage in provision of lobby lounges, outdoor spillover areas, restroom facilities , supervisory staff presence etc. Apart from the sunken administration space, all other spaces are raised above the ground on low stilts. The outdoor connecting walkways are also raised above ground using lightweight materials.
Only the regular working space – the administration office is placed at basement level to achieve adaptive comfort passively and using the natural topography of the site to berm the sunken court. This ensures minimal usage of air-conditioning and  artificial lighting systems. Expansion of the main block is planned at the first level with east – west orientation. Afforestation all along the periphery and slopes to prevent erosion and create a microclimate on site.

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