The Platina




The project is located off the Gachibowli Miyapur road in the hi-tech city, in close proximity to botanical garden and all major IT hubs. Built in 4.12 acres land, a 10 storey tall – The Platina is designed for varied business spaces ranging from 1440 Ft² to 40,000 Ft², also houses 5 star hotel, confectionery facilities, deli shop, bakery, and food court to ensure leisure and retail activities for the building users.

The ground floor of the Platina is completely pedestrian and with the insertion of an interactive plaza in the center of the plot gives a visual treat. This plaza is center for the building circulation; it acts as a breather with easy accessibility and a 6 storey high ceiling, makes it a forthcoming attraction to outsiders as well. This cut also ensures a continuous line of vision for the surrounding low rise development and breaks the monotony of an otherwise continuous 150m wide and 50m tall glass facade. All the public activities like business center, shops, food courts and hotel lobby are planned at the ground floor. All the floors above it are kept for offices. Hotel building is planned separately as an adjacent block.

The centralized & confined core for the office building enhances the accessibility of the workplace to the central plaza, and also helps to create open large floor for flexible interior layout of the offices.

Three levels of basement and a intermediate level within the fold of the level difference at the extremes of the site topography caters to the huge requirement of parking and other services. A sky garden incorporating the activities like health club, café, jogging track etc, is also planned at the top of the building. The sky-garden and the refuge areas act as the vantage points from where one can view the botanical garden and modern urbanscape of Hyderabad. All these planned activities altogether helps the employees to connect to the city and nature.

This building is designed to be a L.E.E.D. Gold certified rated green building with contemporary design approach and glass facades. The eastern facade of the building is designed as a complete glass facade with innovative horizontal louvers of varying lengths and widths at regular intervals. These louvers are specially designed to block the incident or direct sunlight to the office floors. The facade in the west is designed with stone cladding and smaller openings which reduces the heat gain and also relates to the context of residential developments on this side.

This tower compliments both, the skyline & street line of the city and have a unique rhythm with the urban fabric and nature.

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