Texture Workshop


Location-Maithel Farm House

Texture is one of the key element in the character of a design, with the palette as vivid as ones imagination, from smooth to rough, concrete or sand to green moss or leaves, and every unique method to overlay or mix gives us the infinite permutation in textures.

To develop a deeper sense of understanding the materials and forms, at the same time experimenting and exploring new & further possibilities into the same, a workshop on textures was organized by MA architects on 4th DEC 2015, at their property in Jagatpura, Jaipur. Major invitees were, Mr. Arturo Montanelli, Italian designer, who has a vast experience of working with textures and materials, Mr. Gaurav Bhatnagar, a renowned interior designer, Ms. Kavita Jain a sensitive conservation architect, Ms. Sonali Mishra a noteworthy graphic designer.

Mr. Arturo spoke about the drama and illusion of life which can be brought into the built mass, facades and interiors with the play of textures. He shared his experience with materials, textures and the various methods by which a texture could be devised, it could be as simple as a paint and aggregates or could be as complex as an overlay of various materials, colors & 3d patterns. The texture could be made intact by preserving controlled aging or changing the entire course of corrosion by complex chemical experiments or simply setting a sand based material fire to give that burnt wood effect. Before the workshop commenced, he asked everyone not to restrict themselves to paints, colors or coarse aggregates but to look around and get inspired from the surroundings, the vegetation, the barks of trees, the rocks and pebbles. The participants were then divided into 5 teams and were given a set of tools and materials each. People explored working with different materials, tools and techniques to create different modes of texture. He himself made his texture burn with flames and then let it settle down for display.

People made textures and patterns in the exponential amounts. This truly was the day of experimenting and realizing the basic properties of materials we don’t see in their setting state. The workshop ended well with a beautiful display of all the boards having lots of textures and patterns on palettes with each team member sharing their experience, method and way of working and materials used in the process. The workshop concluded with getting the signatures of each and every participant and the guests on a canvas as a souvenir.

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