Sanghi Residence


Status - Work In Progress


A residential building conceptualized/conceived for a joint family with customs, social life and living style intact in their day to day life . It is an interwoven family, with members living close to each other without any separation in major utility areas.
According to conceptualization in design, execution for form and planning is based on the old construction style when we used to have stone structures. So, for this residence we have a central structure build in stone giving the feel and aesthetics as per earlier style. Covering this structure, the remaining built form is being constructed in modern and contemporary style. Thus, deriving the form with an amalgamation of both modern and old structures can be seen throughout the form.
Provision of spaces is given according to requirement of the client where basic functional spaces like living area, swimming pool, bar, gazebo, etc are common for all, giving us the idea of togetherness as discussed above. Well planned landscaped areas are provided along with different functional spaces making it connected with the natural environment.

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