Pril Neo Town




The site is roughly Trapezoidal and covers an area of 58.88 acres. The Site is bounded by the North and East by Sea, to the West by the Bulk Sugar Terminal and to the South by M2 Motorway, The Robert Edward Hart Garden and Cemetery. Two number of tower with phase 1 and phase 2 are been designed to accommodate 416 studio suite, 642 number of 2BHK, 972 number of 3 BHK club house of 30,000sqft. Is added to serve the resident of this township. Multilevel parking on podium is proposed avoiding the basement areas. Whole blocks are designed on modular concept, which provides flexibility to the design makes it structurally stable and services becomes easy. Terrace gardens & public terraces has been introduced at different levels. Sea breeze provides a continuous flow of cool wind, since the building is linearly placed, the wind maneuvers to provide cool breeze Punctures in the building can be utilized for inter building ventilation, leaving low impact of wind on to the building. Well planned and designed to saturate the need and environmental conditions.

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