Status: Completed

Location: Jaipur

The high end 4.72 acre residential development is located at probably the most significant and known site in the city- the Statue Circle, a memorial of the Jaipur’s founding. Use of local materials, inspirations from vernacular architecture and the principles of Vaastu and yet producing a modern, contemporary structure responding to climate and energy efficiency were the key points of design. A grid was derived from the site, intersecting it with the layers of urban development, sun-paths round the year, vaastu and site surrounding beautiful views of Central park and statue circle to the east and Nahargarh hills to the north. The massing with a central court housing water bodies and lush landscape was then extruded, with stepping demodulations towards north and east flanks to invite the soothing morning sun and hence producing green terraces and walls in response to the wind flow patterns making an airy and naturally cool micro climate within the central court and the campus.

The project with the gross built up of about 10,00,000 sqft. Area is designed to be a LEED platinum rated project with a mix of 3 and 4BHK units in simplex arrangement ranging from 2200-400 sqft., 5 and 6BHK units in duplex and triplex arrangement ranging from 7000-9000 sqft. The 3 levels of basement accommodates over 650 cars and all essential services to cater to the high end housing and the modern sophisticated club having an indoor pool, banquet, squash courts and an elaborate fitness center of over 40,000 sqft. area on the ground floor, integrated with the green court and a vehicular movement free site. Through its innovative design and choice of local materials, the project is an epitome of energy efficiency; simple yet appealing form and aesthetics.

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