Status: Completed

Location : Jodhpur

Total plot area is 20 Acres. Site is Almost Flat with a gentle slope of 1:200 towards South-West. Temperature of the city was the main consideration to overcome thus various measures were taken .Water body to be planned in north side of the site, to cool down the harsh summer breeze, keeping the overall temperature of the campus pleasant. Earth Berms to be planned in south side of the site to protect the campus from the harsh sun.

A combination of air conditioning & air cooling can be adopted to increase energy efficiency. Using innovative air cooling methods increases oxygen content in air and improve health of the inhabitants as compared to the air conditioned spaces which with continuous use increases CO2 content for which ozonizes are being used. Architectural design includes low rise structures, straight line exterior façade, Traditional features to be introduced with textured surfaces as it is design institute so use of local raw and earthy materials as exposed brick and local available stone add to the design proposal.

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