My Haveli




My Haveli is the largest residential project of Jaipur, having the Guinness World Record for biggest ground breaking ceremony ever.
The project has over 1000 units in its first phase of construction. The major challenge was attaining the spatial efficiency within the regular module for various sized units. A rigorous and extensive study was conducted to hence bridge the functionality with the time and use of spaces in the current trend of life.
The whole volume resembles much to a royal vernacular house- “A Haveli”, with central courtyard adorning an elaborate water channel and landscape picking concepts of charbagh on organic lines and front central grand gateway entry.
Another challenge the design posed was the site circulation as it had to cater to a huge mass; an efficient yet simplistic circulation was derived with completely separate pedestrian and vehicular movement.
My Haveli in true sense conglomerates best of vernacular and contemporary with clean volumes and complementing the composition are features like terrace level skywalk and private green pockets for each block.

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