Designed on a 130 acre site, the MVIT campus addresses the issue of specialized higher education alternatives in the southern region, having close proximity to the cities of Hyderabad, Chennai and Mysore. The university and its surroundings, currently distinguished by their natural beauty, are defined by a vegetated hillside profile and is expected to undergo a transition to a more urban setting as a result of the larger development process taking place in the region. While mindful of its current setting, the university is expected to become a modern campus.

The emphasis was given on cross-disciplinary and trans-institutional inquiry to reflect the complexities of the world’s challenges. The primary brief and intent as to transform the existing campus into modern campus with modern facilities, amenities and functions in a coherent way so that it seamlessly aligns itself in the existing milieu. The idea was to have minimal changes and transformations to the existing Master plan of the campus but to have a strong impact on the image ability and identity of an international campus. The Phase 01 of the development therefore proposes only a small tweaking of the access, facade strategy to make it coherent and the sense of identity and collaborative learning through interconnected spaces in form of plazas and squares. Whereas, Phase 2 and Phase 3 addresses the current and future requirements of the campus in terms of its growth and expansion.

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