Moksha Dham

With modernization, spaces are being planned catering to the tangible and intangible needs of the masses be it parks, malls, etc. Though constantly used, there are a few spaces which are being neglected and left away from the overall development – cremation ground is one such space. These spaces which are present in large numbers have a significant role in shaping the society. Used by everyone at some point, they leave a lasting impact in the minds of people visiting the place. The present scenario reveals the condition of the space as derogatory. They are generally secluded, ignored and not maintained. To sum it up, the very existence of this urban spaces is lost. These spaces play a key role in molding the thought process of the society. Their revival can add to the psychological and spatial advancement and hence contribute to the urban scape. Rightly said “Sometimes in an unconscious manner an act of a building can overcome the resonance of the space, its spirit and purpose.”

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