Mantri Square




Situated in the Malleshwaram locality in Bengaluru is Mantri Square, the biggest shopping-entertainment destination in the city with built up area of 1.5 million sqft on a site of 6.12 acre. Mantri Square has been planned with efficient site circulation with different lanes demarcated for the private cars, commercial vehicles and pedestrians respectively. An entirely different entrance route was designed for the shop owners, staff and service vehicles. The parking areas are also categorically divided accordingly in different color codes on the two underground and surface parking levels.

The building is designed on the concept of a never ending “eight” shaped loop, for an interactive and interesting walk in the market place for the user. The mall houses a total of 250 retail outlets with very particular needs in circulation, service and space management including lifestyle, shoppers stop, pantaloons, reliance trends and Marks and Spencer, six screen multiplex, a 9000 sqft supermarket and a huge food court of 39 f&b outlets in a 100,000 sqft space, bowling alley and game center.

The striking tensile and glass roof over the atrium provides optimum natural light to the entire structure and is a treat to the visitor’s eye. The atrium planning ensures the right amount of transparency required in such building at the same time opens an opportunity to host any large scale event in the multi-use central space using the corridors as the spectator gallery.


At 1.5 million Ft², Mantri Square enjoys the credentials of being the largest mall in India (in the year 2009). It has been accoladed for its meticulous planning and execution. This mall exemplifies our ability to deliver a complex brief while meeting the demands of a diverse group of the leading retail brands.

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