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Mahima Elanza is located in the fastest developing part of the city, Patrakar Colony, with just under 8 kms from city center. Situated on 60m wide major sector road with direct connectivity to the Ajmer highway, the project is a high end luxurious group housing, has a potential to play a major role in redefining the architectural appeal of the vicinity.

The design hence is concerned both with creating a unique character to the built mass, yet blending in with the surrounding. A singular mass with varying height is extracted out creating 2 courts connected by a 4 storey cut in the building. The major emphasis was on an active community and producing a green relief in the urban living; achieved by podium planning, green public and private terraces, 40m high sky-walk with embedded activities and also a 3 storey dedicated club of 30,000 sqft. area and a half Olympic length pool, caters the luxurious 285, 2 & 3 BHK apartments ranging from 1500-2800 sqft.

The project with about 8lacs of gross built up on a land parcel of 4.6 acres hence still has almost 100% green area as the plot.

Each apartment is designed to have an inside-outside interaction, opening to the picturesque views outside and a green active community court inside. The towers to knit up in a singular mass was another challenge as it required a series of out to in and in to out planning and hence achieve a grid to optimize the heat and light intake of the apartments, punctures and undulating heights in the geometry made it possible to make the building further responsive to the arid climate of the region. Further detailing based on the intersection of shadow masking and site surrounding layers was done to finally come up with one of the first gold rated green building of the city.

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