A ‘Giant Tree & a pavilion’ measuring 6ft x 10ft x 12ft high, entirely made up of paper waste was installed in Diggi Palace. The idea was evolved observing the large amount of paper tubes discarded from the plotting area of our office. In a city with more than 20 design colleges, over 50 architectural offices and many more plotting shops, tonnes of paper is wasted. Kalpavriksha is a thought provoking installation which inspires people to stop ignoring the materials which are around us. When using wisely, Even a soft material like paper can have the strength to hold heavy weights and structures.

Entirely made up of paper tubes, ropes and screws, the pavilion stands straight on the ground with a rolling shutter and locking mechanism which can be used to close it when not in use. This can be a potential substitute for kiosks and single owner shops in Haat bazaars etc.

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