Jaipur Metro



Built up Area : 0.9 MILLION SQ.FT


Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited (DMRC) has appointed M/s Development Consortium to develop a Conceptual Plan for Property Development at Mansarovar Depot at Jaipur as per scope of work detailed below. Development Consortium has associated with Maithel and Associates Architects Pvt. Ltd. of Jaipur  on this project.

The stages to be undertaken in the study were data gathering and mobilization ,site analysis and evaluation, development of conceptual plan, assessment of revenue potential, implementation strategy and getting an approval of the proposed development concept from statutory authorities.

The Interim Report, the first stage report for the assignment, was submitted to DMRC on 20 June 2011 covering the aspects of data presentation, location and site analysis, review of site conditions and development parameters, etc.

This Draft Report represents the second stage of work covering Stages 3, 4 and 5 of the scope of work and enumerates the following aspects :

-Identification of potential/vacant sites which can be utilized effectively for property development including the area over the stabling lines, workshop, inspection lines etc., as considered viable.

-Generation of alternative development options for each site comprising one or more usages based on information gathered from market, site and regulatory analysis.

-Recommendation of the best usage mix by identifying alternative uses for each site and evaluating them as per expected returns, risks, investment level, prioritization etc.

-Computation of the parking requirement generated on account of the proposed development and identification of the area, location, and  access and dispersal from the proposed parking.

-Estimation of preliminary cost of undertaking the development.

-Analysis of the real estate market size and sources of demand with justification for various possible real estate products on the site.

-Assessment of the revenue potential from such development in terms of site.

-Development of a prioritized phasing plan that categorizes the phasing of the program elements and areas.

-Development of an implementation strategy including suggested time frame for development.

Identification of target segment of industry partners who can partner with DMRC on such development.

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