Indus International School


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The design is the reflection of the picturesque location and surrounding views of the project, sitting a top a hill, the zoning and volume is typically designed to open up to the serene view of the Manas Lake in the suburbs of Pune. Located in the suburbs of Pune, just 10 kms from the city centre, the school rests in the 35 acres lush green hills enjoying the serene hillside views surrounding and within the site. The brief by the client was to establish an International signature design, the main block to have a certain character and grandness was a pre-requisite.

A meticulous study of site terrain and vegetation was done to zone the grand Admin and Academic Blocks. An international appeal was imparted in elevation treatment and volume by picking up inspirations from the Baroque and Greek architecture, the greatest knowledge centers of the medieval times. The other residential and hostel blocks were designed with equal amount of research and detail keeping the onsite circulation opening up to the picturesque views and drama created by varying levels on and surrounding the site. The siting of various blocks on different parts of the site was a challenging task. The main challenge was to address the elaborate brief on the site which has a drastic 30 MT contour level difference. 

A detail study of the sprawling 40 acre site was conducted to hence mark out the natural drainage channel of the site and a recharge pond was designed to be used as a public space and a visual resource. This site was further zoned out in 4 different heads being the admin and academic, sports complex, residential parcel and parking. A central meandering spine is defined keeping an adequate gradient, for inter zone and site circulation. The blocks are then placed and detailed out in the zones intersecting them with the layers of surrounding views, urban development grid, internal roads and vitally the contours, deciding the volumes to stand out and the volumes to merge within the topography. The admin block stands with a strong colonial character on the highest contour, accentuated by a 15 m dia dome, with the building and the hilltop complimenting each other. The academic blocks are integrated in the typical contour gradient by introducing stepped interaction spaces, the classrooms are designed to have an attached lockers space and the playgroup classes with open play area. 

The topographical gap between the 2 blocks of academic and admin are bridged with an amphitheater with the capacity to seat 1000 people. The sports complex is aligned right next to the academic zone with outdoor stadium of football field and racing tracks, tennis courts and indoor complex of 30,000 sqft housing an indoor pool of 25 mt length, an indoor basketball court stadium, table tennis room, squash court and games room. The residential zone has the staff quarters, principal’s residence, a 15000 sqft block of dining area and the student dorms in courtyard planning as the active interaction spaces, with the maximum play of levels so as to open up to the surrounding views making an interesting and active dwelling space for the students and staff. The whole campus is designed efficiently, be it the entry experience enjoying the view of the pond or be it the functionality that the campus has a dedicated area planned for school bus and visitor car parking, or the interaction and learning spaces enjoying the full daylight through play of levels and the presence of ample interaction spaces surrounding the whole area.

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