Holiday Inn




Rajasthan is known for its hospitality and rich heritage; a hotel hence to be designed here has to deliver that certain touch of royalty and traditions. The property is a business hotel also has to have a modern stance on it. Attaining that perfect mix of modern and tradition was the challenge and key point of the design.The project is located on one of the busiest traffic junction in the city. Having established a reputation as a leader in exclusive business hotels, this Holiday Inn is a compact and efficient 4-star property, in close proximity to the walled city, government offices, Vidhan Sabha and other commercial spines. The central location brought an opportunity that combines the exclusivity expected by the Holiday Inn guests, with the varied public facilities and social engagement demanded in a contemporary city hotel.

The design composed of screens, water, atrium and columns, acts as a vision into modern metropolis the city has grown into from the rich traditional background. The double height porch and reception creates the grand entrance, and the use of thick landscape screen with jaalis and water wall cuts off the 24 hour noisy and traffic ridden front road. All principal spaces surround the 6 storey high atrium giving grandeur to the central public space, and at the same time inviting natural sunlight inside the property accentuating the whole guest circulation experience manifold.

Stone clad elevation, uses locally available sandstone to merge the building into the uninterrupted thick urban fabric surrounding the site, at the same time insulating the  building from the scorching heat in the region’s hot arid climate. The architectural character and the overall ambience of the hotel is created by the warm lighting, rich use of compositions of varying patterns in jaalis and intelligent use of glass. Through out the day the intricate screens cast animated shadows on the building surfaces whilst at night the effect is that of a lantern.

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