The Botanika




Sited in the heart of Hyderabad city, the 11.6 acre plot for the project lies with the quiet greens alongside a botanical garden. The natural topography, the presence of huge boulders had rendered the land unsuitable. The site accommodates 300 plus luxury condominiums and sky high villas spread over 6 towers and 22 levels. Highlight of this project is a 3700 sqm clubhouse, offering a panoramic view of the botanical gardens and the city behind.
Although the buildings are above the ground, the topographic inclination and fascination is evident from the way the natural features and the tress have been preserved throughout.
It persistently maintains a connection with nature and natural materials, basking in the freshness and greenery surrounding the compound. It establishes a harmonious relationship between man and nature by discovering an approach that respects it, blends with it and celebrate it.

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