Akshat Kanota Estate




Spread in 35 acres, Akshat Kanota Estate is inspired by the Moroccan style of architecture as it stands solid in the city of Jaipur surrounded by a landscape that compliments the theme. Single warm color villas exterior façade and dark earthy color to club house facade add to the complete environment. Wooden finishes, ceramic tiles and use of simple, clean lines with earthy tones characterize the theme based architecture.

A sense of belonging has been brought by carving out specific niches for all age groups at common areas like sports complex, community center & club house. The Moroccan architecture with a minimalist approach with no add-ons makes the complete site spell bound.

The lower ground floor of club house has swimming pool and the home theater confining the area to the residents, while the upper floor has the communal areas like the guest rooms, cafeteria and gymnasium. The purest architectural elements like windows and staircase have been treated to provide an identity to the space. Every element in facade of villas seems to be one with the theme, without demanding individual attention, which is an attempt to create a minimal yet expressive work in architecture.

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