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20 % rule


We think that for time we work here 20% of it should be taken out for the things that makes us happy. We know that taking breaks helps reduce stress increases productivity and brings in perspective.

We Dream, Design & Inspire


We strive to inspire young aspirants who have started off in their careers, encourage them to share thoughts, evoke discussions and maintain a respectful environment.

I worked as project manager in ma architects for more than a year directly reporting to Sharad sir. Working with him was a great experience for me personally and professionally.  I got an opportunity to manage, reorganize and restructure the projects.

Manish yadav

Moreover, Sharad sir displayed great confidence in me, motivated me to discuss and learn more than ever. Working at ma architects was a privilege for me. I had the opportunity to enhance my skills, learn creatively and grow personally. I enjoyed my time here as the work culture  was always positive and encouraging.

Aanchal Verma

Working with m|a| architects has been a remarkably rewarding while working with the team of truly committed professionals.  I have learnt and achieved more than I could expect from an architecture career’s inception. I am grateful to have been a part of such a team and the learning and experience here will certainly outlast.

Navpreet Kaur

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