This spring season, we ma architects, wish to ignite the light within, by sharing ideas and goodwill through the humble means of a tree.
We Created a ‘Giant Tree & a pavilion’ measuring 6 ft X 10 ft X 12 ft high, entirely made up of paper waste/Paper tubes.
Idea came to our mind when we observed the amount of these paper tubes discarded from our plotting area at our Jaipur office every month.Huge amount of these paper tubes is wasted or/and sold to scrap dealer, all over the city. The city which has more than 20 design colleges, 50 architecture offices and so many plotting shops would be generating tonnes of paper waste.

That waste cardboard and tubes are taken to the paper mills and then made into cardboard sheets which are then made into these tubes again. In this whole process a lot of energy is being wasted which we don't realize when we dump these in garbage.

Kalpavriksha is actually a thought provoking installation which inspires people to stop ignoring the materials which are around us and having so much potential.
When using wisely, Even a soft material like paper can have the strength to hold such heavy weights and structures.

What’s so different about this installation?
We invited visitors to give solutions to save the planet with us, and placed them in the pavilion.
The Pavilion and screen is then donated to under privileged vendors and design college students for research purposes.

What does this mean to us, the m a architects team?

We have put in all we’ve got to make this happen. From ideation to execution, lots of sleepless nights to issues with Space, materials, waste, products – we are trying to make a mark and provoking the thought of planting more and more trees for our future generations to see.







Site Area


Built Up Area